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The loss of my 16-year-old son Rand by suicide was the hardest, most gut-wrenching pain I could ever imagine. Heavy days and fitful nights of heartache.


If you are here reading this, you’ve likely lost someone very important too, or you know someone who has. Perhaps several suicides have marked your life.


Maybe like I have… you’re experiencing a constant loop of questions in your mind:

“Why did they do this?”

“Why didn’t I see it?”

“Was this my fault?”

“What should I have done?”

“What are other people thinking?”

“What else is going to happen to me?”


If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone.


But I want you to know that not only is there hope for healing… there’s help.


Let me take you back to the time before 2004, before my son’s suicide.

I’d been leading workshops across the US for many years, helping people navigate through the darkest of times. I was providing a safe space for sharing, and teaching tools to empower people to reclaim their lives.


All the while, I had no clue as to the personal tragedy and challenges that lay ahead in my own life.


When the worst hit home, the pain was beyond with fear, guilt and confusion stalking me every day. Yet in many ways I was incredibly fortunate to be steeped in a very powerful method that helped me get grounded and handle the intensity. I couldn’t imagine anyone having to go through this experience without these tools.


I can tell you they made all the difference.


But at the same time, I realized it wasn’t nearly enough…

Over the next 12 years, I committed to learning everything I could to help people heal from big life challenges, which included:

Completing graduate school, focusing on neuroscience & trauma healing

• Gaining certifications in integrative health & mind/body medicine

• Continuing to lead intensives in the US and internationally

• Leading workshops at national suicide prevention conferences

• Co-producing the Voices of Healing and Hope DVD with Iris Bolton

Out of this I’ve created the MindPeace Method™ … A fully integrative approach designed for healing mind, body and spirit. Especially when life doesn’t go the way we planned.


Now I want to give it to you.

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Hello, I’m Elaine Alpert. Every bit of what I have been through over time has brought me to this moment.


Just after Rand ended his life on that pivotal spring evening, I clearly remember my deep wish of wanting nothing more than to turn back the pages, to rewrite history and bring my son back. But of course we humans aren’t endowed with such power.


However we do have other very real and powerful resources. Together we can use them to heal the pain, the regrets, and the sense of brokenness you may be feeling.


In my work with people over time, here’s what I’ve come to know…


It’s human nature to take something

that is already  very hard to bear and make it even harder.


It’s not that we mean to suffer more, but this is what happens…


1) Crucially, there is the loss itself.

Your grief is real, painfully so. Someone you love, someone you counted on to choose life made a very different decision – and you feel the distress.


2) Then, you wonder if there was something  you could’ve done to save them.

Or, just as hard, you fear it was something you said or did that opened the door to suicide.


3) On top of it all, you may agonize over how you’re ever going to get through this.

And stressed about what else could be around the corner …??

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At end of the day, we’re left with the maddening question,“Why did this have to happen?”


As loss survivors it’s common to add even more suffering on top of the pain we already feel.


In this downward spiral, we often feel overwhelmed, dispirited and alone.

Since there is no way to change what happened to us… we feel stuck in the pain.


There is good news here – you don’t have to get trapped in that cycle and prolong your grief.

I am here to tell you… You can find peace and even joy, again.


That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in a special program utilizing the MindPeace Method™…


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Pathway to Peace of Mind

A Companion Course to Iris Bolton’s Latest Book
Voices of Healing and Hope

In this 4-week online program, I will show you how to take charge of your own healing after the devastating impact of suicide. We will address key issues identified in Iris’s book:

Why suicide? Guilt, Shame & Stigma, Anger, Pain, Fear, Depression & Questions of Faith.


Here’s what you get in the Course…

1) Four engaging 90-minute Sessions, live video online (you can choose to participate by audio only). Personalized support from me with the tools during Sessions, as you want it.


2) Video & Audio Recordings available within 24 hours after each Session.


3) Your complimentary copy of Iris’s bookVoices of Healing and Hope.


4) Voices of Healing and Hope DVD: Compelling video interviews with loss survivors sharing about their loss, what they did to heal and where they are now (5 hours total).


5) Handouts and charts for the Sessions.


6) Access to the private Facebook group, where I offer feedback & guidance.


I’ll give you some of the very tools I used in my own journey of healing.

I want you to have resources that I’ve been fortunate enough to have… and still use to this day.


When you register, your complimentary Book & DVD will be on its way!


Course Dates: 4 Wednesdays: March 7, 14, 21 and 28 @ 12:30pm – 1:45pm Eastern.

Please Note: All Sessions are recorded, streaming video and downloadable audio, and are available 24/7.


“The processes I have learned from Elaine have had profound and lasting effects. I have done a lot of work with therapies, workshops, group work, etc but Elaine’s ability to get to the heart of the matter and her techniques for healing are amazingly efficient, deep and immediate.”

– Jill H.

In Pathway to Peace of Mind, you will begin a new journey…

• Take bold steps to full recovery – identify and release the extra pain you don’t have to carry around anymore


• Gain relief from victimhood, blame, guilt, and shame – recognize when you are caught in a downward spiral and what to do to stop it


• Learn how to take charge of the chatter in your mind – so you can feel clear and ready to make decisions


• Get connected with other people who are going through this too – put an end to feeling alone and gain the support of people who better understand


• Recover a sense of peace and possibility for your life – even if you think it can never happen


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*A personal note about Iris and me: I’m fortunate to live in the same city as Iris. She’s a wonderfully generous woman who’s been a leader in the field of suicide prevention & aftercare for 40 years, since the loss of her son Mitch, by suicide. When my son Rand died, we met and have become great friends. We’ve presented at national suicide conferences together and I co-produced the Voices DVD. Then Iris invited me to create courses to accompany her book. I’m so honored!

EA_sales page_elaine iris.jpg


Who is this Companion Course for?


[Please note: This course is NOT a substitute for therapy or medical attention.]


That said, this Course is for you IF …


You feel ready–in terms of where you are in your own grief process–for online learning.


You are a parent, family member, friend, employer, classmate, co-worker … anyone who has lost someone by suicide who wants to learn specialized tools for their own healing.


You may or may not be attending a support group, seeing a therapist, or going to a spiritual center — either way, this material can be an excellent resource for you.


You are new to personal growth work or you’re quite seasoned. There is great value here.


You have internet access.


“These past few weeks with Elaine have absolutely changed the view-finder on my life.”

– Allyson V.T.


“I learned so much and now I feel safe getting back to my life again. I would trust Elaine with any issue I was having. She is amazingly respectful of everyone.”

– Andy N.


“Elaine’s life’s work is sharing her own earned strength, wisdom and courage, and we are lucky to be recipients of those gifts!”

– Sarah V.

Here’s how it works…


Each week, I will teach a live virtual class. You can join us from from the comfort of your own home. I give personalized support to people who want it, and everyone benefits by seeing the tools put into practice, whether you are present for live Sessions or you are catching them on Replay.


When are the Sessions online?

If you can’t make the live Sessions you can access the Replays online any time of day or night. You will be notified well in advance of recordings being removed from the website.


If you choose to attend the live Sessions, they will be held on Wednesdays:

March 7, 14, 21 and 28 @ 12:30pm – 1:45pm Eastern.


SESSION 1: The Source of Our Extra Suffering — Reveal the root cause of your extra pain, so you can do something about it, no matter who or what you’re facing.


SESSION 2: How to Unwind Your Cycle of Pain — Get the full scoop on a profound tool to help you feel lighter and more resolved, whenever you choose to.


SESSION 3: The Truth of the Matter — How to get grounded, feel connected and grow your confidence to handle this and other losses, even when very hard things are happening all around you.


SESSION 4: Set the Pace for Your Future –– Learn an amazing tool to help you get grounded and gain possibility about the rest of your life.

Needing EXTRA SUPPORT during the HOLIDAYS? Join us!

Because this topic is so close to my heart, I’m keeping the cost low for this course.


When you register, your Book & DVD will fly to your mailbox!


*Shipping costs for your book are included if you live inside the continental US.
All other registrants outside the continental US will receive an email from Bolton Press regarding shipping cost.

“The past doesn’t creep up behind me and pull me under the waves of depression like it used to. Elaine’s classes were a catalyst for this tremendous change!”

– Kara C.

About Elaine…


I’ve already shared a little bit of my story with you, but I also want to tell you a few things so you can know that walking my talk is critical to me.


Rand ended his life on my younger son’s 9th birthday, which threw an extra layer of heartache into the mix for all of us. He is now 21 and doing well in college. I’m also happy to say that my husband Tom and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. We’ve made it through a very tough set of years together, which included his cancer diagnosis and year of treatment, and the loss of his homebuilding business during the national housing crisis. There’s more (yep!) but you get the idea. If we had not had the MindPeace Method™ and the commitment to use it, I don’t know where we’d be today… likely our marriage would have suffered beyond repair. Anybody living with the loss of their child by suicide knows the inherent challenges.


So I’m inviting you to join me and other loss survivors…  it’s your turn to have this powerful method. Use it not only for yourself, but also for how this could impact your family, friends and your workplace. Please, use these tools for the rest of your life!


“Elaine is a healer at heart…that is her life’s work. But more importantly, she has taught me to heal myself. What really makes Elaine stand apart is not only what she delivers but also the caring and compassion she has for the people she works with.”

– Jay N.

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How is this different from a support group?

This course meets online so you can access the course materials at any time of day or night. It provides proprietary tools, a step-by-step method for dealing with regrets, fear, relentless questions, guilt, shame, emotional & physical pain, and overall–feeling stuck in grief. It’s important to know that these skills are transferable to other life challenges with relationships, finances, career, health, family, and parenting.


I don’t want to share in a group right now. Will this still work for me?

Creating a safe and welcoming place for the group is my #1 priority. You can test the waters and see how it feels for you. There’s no requirement to join the Facebook group. Most importantly, you can do the course from the privacy of your home and reach out as you like.


Can I really make significant progress in the course?

Absolutely, if you take advantage of what’s here. The tools can be used for a month or a lifetime. This course is intentionally set up as a do-able 1-month experience that can bring you a lot of power and energy in a short timeframe. If you miss any of the sessions you can return to the recordings anytime. Lastly, you can make connections with people going through a similar loss and these may be friendships you keep for life.


What is your motivation for leading these courses?

I have 25 years of experience as a course and retreat leader, supporting people through the most challenging events of their lives. Since suicide has deeply affected my own life with the loss of my son, my brother-in-law, and a close friend, I consider it my mission to share these healing tools that have helped me so much. My purpose is to support people to go beyond surviving suicide, to find deep meaning, purpose, joy and gratitude for life.

And I want you to know …

In a 4-week course I can’t teach you everything I used to heal my life after these losses. However I’ve carefully selected what I believe will give you the most benefit in a brief timeframe.


If you are ready to try something unique and powerful to make progress, join me. Not only will you be taking care of yourself by learning a new way through these difficult times, you can lovingly impact the people around you in a very positive way too.


When you register, your complimentary Book & DVD will be on its way!


My true wish for you is that you find tremendous hope and healing in your life.


May you be deeply blessed through Iris’s Book and DVD.


And may we have the good fortune of working together!




Here’s the Fine Print I need to let you know…


Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the product and the extensive time, effort, and preparation that goes into creating Pathway to Peace of Mind we have a NO REFUND policy. If you are dissatisfied, please contact us.


Copyright and Trademark

All material here and in all Companion Courses is under copyright and/or trademark law and may not be duplicated or distributed in any way. All processes and tools delivered in Companion Course materials are to be used for personal use only. By purchasing these courses you are acknowledging copyrights on this material.


*If you want to use these tools in ways other than for personal use, please contact Elaine for written permission.


©2017 Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. All rights reserved