MindPeace for Moms Retreat

Facilitated by Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. and Sponsored by MindPeace Miracles Not-for-Profit

Scholarships Available by Application

April 12 - 14, 2019 Atlanta, GA

With love and respect for your healing journey, you are invited to join other mothers facing loss by suicide and overdose. A rare opportunity to take much-needed breathing space away from your daily responsibilities, this healing time is just for YOU. Connect with other moms, experience unique tools & receive compassionate guidance... so you can fully claim your own life once again!

When you register, in addition to the Retreat you will receive the online program, Pathway to Peace of Mind (normally $147-197) which begins for all Retreat moms on February 11, 2019. This program is a prerequisite to the Retreat.

Mothers who have already experienced this Retreat have graciously made donations to make it possible for you to attend at a reasonable cost!

This Retreat is for you, if...

  • Telling your story has its limits and you want a different way to heal.
  • You are ready to learn how to lay down regret and guilt. 
  • You’ve been living on shaky ground and need a proven method to steady yourself. 
  • You're concerned about important relationships and want to create more real connection in your life.
  • You’ve had trouble loving and accepting yourself since your loss.

Still, you may be wondering, “Is this right for ME … where I am right now?

A personal note from Elaine 

Given what I know after the complicated loss of my 16-year-old Rand by suicide in 2004, if there is EVER a time in a mother’s life to put the oxygen mask on first ... this is it. Healing at a deep level is paramount. For ourselves ... and for all who count on us.  

In fact, if we don’t take time out to work through what’s plaguing us about our child, our partner, our family & friends, our LIFE, we can go through years of feeling stuck and victimized by this loss, more rigid as we grow older… falling into bitterness and even chronic illness. Please know that this is not intended as a ‘scare tactic’ on my part. It is a reality for many mothers after the trauma of losing of a child. 

I’ve seen it way too often.  

But more importantly, I’ve also been witness to the opposite scenario! Moms willing to lean into the journey. Women choosing to heal over hiding out. Mothers who understand that taking time for ourselves positively affects those we care about most.

You can gain so much from an experienced guide and a committed group of women:

  • Connection & healing tools before the Retreat, together in Pathway to Peace of Mind.
  • Support to release the grip of fear, anger, regret and guilt.
  • Targeted strategies you can use when you’re having a very tough time. 
  • Time to practice MindPeace tools so you’ll have them at your fingertips. 
  • The collective wisdom of women who get what you are going through.
  • Knowing how to feel real self-acceptance and self-love.

Come away from this Retreat feeling calmer, renewed in spirit … with creative possibilities for your life.

More about this Retreat

In honor of Rand's life, I am committed to bringing 25 years of workshop & retreat experience into working with mothers facing loss by suicide or overdose. This Retreat is limited to 14 women who are intentional about growing and healing.  

Location: Avondale Estates, Georgia (inside Atlanta), in the ‘good vibes’ home of my dear friend, Jill. She is vacating the house for us and taking her kids on a getaway because she wants to support what we’re doing. As a beloved therapist and minister, that’s just how Jill is. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is 30 minutes from our venue. Uber is about $30 one-way. You will receive flight schedules of other moms in case you want to ride together.  

Schedule: We’ll accomplish a lot in a relatively short time, with breaks & time to breathe…  

  • Friday, April 12: 7pm dinner together at Jill’s house, a brief Session, and time to relax. You can arrive as early as 5pm, get settled and walk to the nearby lake if you like.
  • Saturday, April 13: 9am – 5:30pm. After dinner, a special event that will likely hold much meaning and richness for you. 
  • Sunday, April 14: 9am – 3pm. It's important to complete with the group, please arrange your flight accordingly.

Meals: Delicious meals & snacks are included and specially prepared for us. As we get closer, you will be asked for food preferences.  

Accomodations for Friday and Saturday Nights: If you stay in Jill’s home (almost all do), you can sleep in a shared room with beds (first come, first serve). Floor mattresses (real ones, not air mattresses) are also provided in shared rooms. No matter where you sleep, this home is special! It’s spacious, yet warm & grounding. If you’d rather stay in a hotel, here’s one 10 minutes away in Decatur, GA and you are free to set that up on your own (select ‘No Accommodations’ below).

Before you Register, please be aware of the following...

  • SCHOLARSHIPS available by Application, for women requiring financial support to attend: Email Elaine 
  • PREREQUISITE: Each participant will receive the online interactive program, 'Pathway to Peace of Mind' as a Retreat prerequsite. 4-sessions beginning February 11, 2019. Once you register for the Retreat, you don’t need to register or pay for the online program. You will receive an email giving you clear instructions about how to join online as the time approaches.
  • CONSENT FROM YOUR THERAPIST: If you are in therapy, you will need the agreement of your therapist to participate in the Retreat. 
  • SUBMISSION OF YOUR FORM: You must agree & sign a Confidential Participant Form (review here) by March 1.
  • 'PAY IT FORWARD' OPPORTUNITY: MindPeace Miracles is a nonprofit with a mission to support women facing traumatic loss. You will be given the opportunity at the end of your Retreat experience to make a donation to help future mothers attend at a reasonable cost, or to receive a scholarship.
  • REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of the product and extensive time and effort that goes into creating MindPeace for Moms, as well as the gift of the Pathway to Peace of Mind program, we have a ‘No Refund’ policy for cancellations.
  • Decided you won't be attending the Retreat afterall? You can still join us for ' Pathway to Peace of Mind' online ... register for reduced fee

MindPeace for Moms Retreat

April 12 - 14, 2019 Atlanta, GA

Scholarships Available by Application - Contact elaine@elainealpert.com

OPTION 1: Weekend Retreat & Materials, Meals, 2 Nights Accommodations, and Guided Online Program (shared room with your own bed)

This Option is Sold Out - Please choose Option 2 or 3

$380 - Pay in Full

OPTION 2: Weekend Retreat & Materials, Meals, 2 Nights Accommodations, and Guided Online Program (shared room with floor mattresses) 

 Save by Paying In Full... 2 Payment Plan, first payment is due by March 15

OPTION 3: Weekend Retreat & Materials, Meals, and Guided Online Program (No Accommodations) 

 Save by Paying In Full... 2 Payment Plan, first payment is due by March 15

Questions or concerns you want to connect with Elaine about? Contact: elaine@mindpeacemiracles.org

About Elaine Alpert, M.Ed  

Shortly after Elaine lost her son Rand to suicide in 2004, she met Iris Bolton, author of My Son, My Son and a key leader in suicide prevention & aftercare for over 40 years. They became close friends and eventually co-presented at national conferences. In 2016, Iris invited Elaine to create an online Companion Course to her latest book, Voices of Healing and Hope. This online interactive course, Pathway to Peace of Mind, is available to anyone struggling with loss by suicide. There is also a version available for women facing loss by overdose. The results have been gratifying and now more healing programs are available.  

Elaine formed a nonprofit, MindPeace Miracles, which accepts donations to sponsor women into these programs who require financial assistance and to lower costs for all offerings. The mission is to support mothers and families who are facing significant loss with tool-based educational programs, to go beyond surviving to thriving by developing deep meaning, purpose, joy and gratitude for life once again.  

Elaine holds a graduate degree with specializations in Transformative Learning and Integrative Health. She wrote her thesis, ‘Fostering Resilience: Conscious Engagement with Life As It Is’ as academic groundwork for The MindPeace Method®, a proprietary program for personal and community healing when life becomes especially challenging.  

She has been a certified Trainer for the More To Life Foundation for 20+ years, leading dynamic workshops and retreats internationally. Elaine is also a licensee of More To Life tools which form a core of The MindPeace Method®. In addition, this method draws from the fields of experiential education, leadership development, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, mind/body medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, indigenous practices, spirituality, and a broad range of the arts.  

Elaine is committed to the deeper dive, to receiving what Life is teaching us through the difficult, exhilarating, painful, and beautiful moments of our lives. She provides bold insights within a safe learning environment of creativity, connection, acceptance, and encouragement. Participants gain a toolbox of practices to become more real, more loving … more at peace in their own skin.