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MindPeace for MomsTM
Fall Program: 5 Online Sessions & Atlanta Workshop

Inside the  MindPeace for Moms  Fall Program, you’ll get to practice Tools from the ‘Pathway to Peace of Mind’ course. Which means there’s no need to worry if you don’t have those tools under your belt yet (or if you haven’t taken that course), because …


I can help you get ready for the live Workshop in October. Being in person is going to be incredibly supportive and you don’t have to miss it!


Besides practicing previous Tools, you’ll also make real progress in your healing:

  • Connect with other moms who understand how hard this loss is and learn from them.
  • Gather new Tools from the MindPeace Method … take them home to heal yourself and key relationships affected by what’s happened.
  • Receive individualized guidance from me to help you get through stuck places! 

I’ve got much to share with you, including some surprises I’ve been working on 🙂


Ok, here’s how the program looks…


A. Five Live Sessions online: Tuesdays (August – November)

Even if you can’t attend live sessions, you’ll get downloadable video & audio Recordings after each session. This is not a dull webinar format, but rather interactive Video sessions that make deep healing possible, no matter where you live.

  1. August 29 …………. (7-9pm ET)
  2. September 12 …… (7-9pm ET)
  3. September 26 …… (7-9pm ET)
  4. October 10 ……….. (1hr @ 7pm ET) Pre-Workshop
  5. November 7 ……… (7-9pm ET) After the Workshop & before the Holidays

B. MindPeace for Moms Workshop: October 21-22 (max of 12 participants) 

Hard to be with people who don’t quite get what you’re going through? You are invited to this dedicated time away from the responsibilities of your daily life to benefit from being with mothers who want the best for you. My goal is to provide you with a meaningful experience that will move your personal healing along faster in a way that feels deeply nurturing and respectful.

As a workshop leader for 20+ years, you can count on me to provide a safe space for you and to bring my best guidance … And Iris Bolton, leader in the field of suicide aftercare, will pay us a visit! Expect to return to your life feeling refreshed and more resilient.


C. Our private Facebook Group for members only!

So … Are you wondering if it will be worth it and if you’ll really make progress?

The moms I’ve been working with recently say, without a doubt… ‘YES!’

  • Experience true self-acceptance and self-love 
  • Release painful regret and guilt
  • Feel calmer, more present and renewed
  • Move forward with a deeper grounding and confidence inside yourself 
The beautiful ‘good vibes’ home of my friend Jill in Atlanta, Georgia.
She is vacating her house for us and taking her kids on a getaway because she wants to support what we’re doing. As a beloved therapist and minister, that’s just how Jill is 🙂


Friday…….. 7pm dinner together at a local restaurant; we may be a smaller group if flights don’t arrive early enough. Options will become clear soon.
Saturday…. 9am – 5:30pm with breaks
Sunday…… 9am – 2pm (Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is 30 minutes from our venue. Uber is $25)


Delicious meals & snacks are INCLUDED in your Program Fee (except one dinner out)
As we get closer, I’ll ask for your food preferences.


Accommodations for Friday/Saturday nights:

You can stay in Jill’s home and share rooms which is the most cost-effective way. I’ll bring in some air mattresses as needed. Program Fees below reflect this option. This home is special and I think you’ll be glad for it. If you’d rather stay in a hotel, there’s one 10 minutes away and you are free to set that up on your own (select ‘no accommodations’).


Interested in doing the Workshop only or the Online sessions only? Want to talk with me about what you might want to do? Contact me: elaine@elainealpert.com or 770-527-7146


A few Payment Options for you!*
Please Register by AUGUST 1 which will help me with planning.

*If you need more time to make payments, email me. I don’t want money to get in the way.

MindPeace for Moms: Online & Workshop
(w/Meals & 2 nights Accommodations)
1. $825 (includes 2 nights) …  if paid in full by August 1


2. $885 (includes 2 nights) … with 3 payments of $295
($295 billed now, 8/15/17, and 9/15/17)


MindPeace for Moms: Online & Workshop
(w/Meals & NO Accommodations)
1. $725 … if paid in full by August 1


2. $786 … with 3 payments of $262
($262 billed now, 8/15/17, and 9/15/17)

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Here’s the Fine Print I need to let you know…

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the product and the extensive time and effort that goes into creating MindPeace for Moms, we have a NO REFUND policy for cancellations after September 15, 2017.


Copyright and Trademark

All material here and in all Companion Courses is under copyright and/or trademark law and may not be duplicated or distributed in any way. Some material is licensed to Elaine Alpert by the More To Life Program for which she has been a Certified Trainer since 1998 and is idenitifed as such, other materials and teachings are created by Elaine. All processes, tools and teachings delivered are part of the MindPeace Method (TM) and are for personal use only. 

Sharing or Teaching this Material

If you want to use course tools for other than personal use, please email Elaine for discussion: elaine@elainealpert.com


All interactions within courses are held in strict confidentiality by Elaine Alpert and her team, and participants are expected to keep confidential all information shared at all times, so that no participant is identified by what they post in the private Facebook group, say or do.

©2017 Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. All rights reserved