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MindPeace for MomsTM
 A Healing Retreat for Mothers After Loss By Suicide
 October 5 – 7 in Atlanta, GA
 with Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

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You are invited to take time away from daily responsibilities to be with mothers committed to healing.

This is a rare opportunity to be alongside like-minded loving moms who also want to help their families heal.

Join us for Tools and Guidance to break through difficult issues … so you can fully claim your own life once again!

This Retreat is for you, if ...

  • Telling your story has its limits and you need another way to move forward!
  • You want support to lay down regret and guilt.
  • You’ve been living on shaky ground and need a proven method to steady yourself.
  • You worry about important relationships and how to build more connection.
  • You’ve had trouble loving or accepting yourself since your loss.

Still, you may be wondering, “Is this Retreat right for ME … where I am right now?”

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A personal note from Elaine ~


Only you can decide if this is right for you of course, but given what I know after the complicated loss of my own son Rand … 


If there is ever a time in a mother’s life to ‘put the Oxygen Mask on first’ … this is IT.
  Healing at a deep level is paramount. For ourselves AND for all who count on us.


In fact, if we don’t take time out to work through what’s plaguing us about our child, our partner, our families and friends, our LIVES, we can go through years of feeling stuck and victimized by this loss, more rigid as we grow older … even succumbing to chronic illness.

This is not a ‘scare tactic’ on my part, this is a reality for many mothers after the loss of a child.

I’ve seen it way too often.  

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But most importantly, I’ve also been witness to the opposite scenario

Mothers willing to lean into the journey. Women who choose healing together over hiding out.  

Moms who understand that taking time to heal themselves will positively affect everybody else.

You can gain so much from an experienced guide and a committed group of women.


  • Support to release the torrents of fear, shame, regret and guilt.
  • Key strategies you can use when you’re having a ‘bad day.’
  • Time to practice tools you’ve received thus far from Elaine, so you’ll have them at your fingertips.
  • Access to the deeper collective wisdom of mothers which can lead to lifelong friendships.
  • Knowing how to feel real self-acceptance and self-love.


Come away from the Retreat feeling calmer, renewed in spirit … with possibilities for your life.

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Retreat Logistics

Limited to 14 women interested in conscious growth and healing.


Avondale Estates, GA (inside Atlanta) in the ‘good vibes’ home of my dear friend, Jill.

She is vacating the house for us and taking her kids on a getaway because she wants to support what we’re doing. As a beloved therapist and minister, that’s just how Jill is 🙂

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is 30 minutes from our venue. Uber is about $25.



We’ll accomplish a lot and we’ll also have breaks and time to breathe…



Delicious meals & snacks specially prepared for us are INCLUDED. As we get closer, I’ll ask for food preferences.


Accommodations for Friday & Saturday night:

If you stay in Jill’s home, you’ll likely be in a shared room with beds–first come, first serve. Floor mattresses are also provided and are a bit cheaper. Her home is special, it’s spacious yet warm & grounding. I think you’ll be happy you stayed here. If you’d rather stay in a hotel, here’s one 10 minutes away in Decatur,GA, and you are free to set that up on your own (select ‘No Accommodations’ below).


Before you Register, here are important Additional Criteria for Your Participation:

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have been unable to spend time with Elaine beforehand, a private 30-minute call will help you feel prepared for the workshop.


A few Payment Options for you!


MindPeace for Moms: Workshop (with Meals & 2 nights Accommodations)

$625 (includes 2 nights & meals) … CLICK HERE TO PAY IN FULL

MindPeace for Moms: Workshop (with Meals & NO Accommodations)

$525 (includes meals) ……CLICK HERE TO PAY IN FULL


Questions or concerns you want to talk with Elaine about?
Contact: elaine@elainealpert.com

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About Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

Shortly after Elaine lost her son Rand to suicide in 2004, she met Iris Bolton, author of My Son, My Son and a key leader in suicide prevention & aftercare for over 40 years. They became close friends and eventually co-presented at national conferences. Last year Iris invited Elaine to create an online Companion Course to her latest book, Voices of Healing and Hope. This online interactive course, Pathway to Peace of Mind, is available to anyone struggling with loss by suicide. The response has been remarkable and now more healing programs are coming to light!

Elaine holds a graduate degree with specializations in Transformative Learning and Integrative Health. She wrote her thesis, ‘Fostering Resilience: Conscious Engagement with Life As It Is’ as academic groundwork for The MindPeace Method™, a proprietary program for personal and community healing when life becomes especially challenging.

She has been a certified Trainer for the More To Life Foundation for 20+ years, leading dynamic workshops and retreats internationally. Elaine is also a licensee of More To Life tools which form a core of her MindPeace Method™. In addtion,The MindPeace Method™ draws from the fields of experiential education, leadership development, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, mind/body medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, indigenous practices, spirituality, and a broad range of the arts.


Elaine is committed to the deeper dive, to receiving what Life is teaching us through the difficult, exhilarating, painful, and beautiful moments of our lives. She provides bold insights within a safe learning environment of creativity, connection, acceptance, and encouragement. Participants gain a toolbox of practices to become more real, more loving … more at peace in their own skin.

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Here’s the Fine Print you need to know…


Pathway to Peace of Mind  is the online course prerequisite to MindPeace for Moms. Please contact Elaine Alpert if that course has already begun and you are interested in attending the Atlanta Workshop.

Refund Policy
Due to the nature of the product and extensive time and effort that goes into creating MindPeace for Moms, we have a ‘No Refund’ policy for cancellations after September 10, 2018.

Copyright and Trademark
All material here and in all courses created by Elaine Alpert are under copyright and/or trademark law and may not be duplicated or distributed in any way. Some material is licensed to Elaine Alpert by the More To Life Program for which she has been a Certified Trainer since 1998, and is idenitifed as such. Other materials and teachings are developed by Elaine Alpert. All processes, tools and teachings delivered by Elaine Alpert are part of The MindPeace Method (TM).

Teaching this Material
Please email Elaine for discussion: elaine@elainealpert.com

All interactions within courses are held in strict confidentiality by Elaine Alpert and her team, and participants are expected to keep confidential all information shared, so that no participant is identified by what they say, do or post.


©2017 Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. All rights reserved.[one_fourth_last].