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MindPeace for Partners
For Women Choosing to Heal After Loss of a Partner by Suicide


From Elaine…

In just 4 Sessions you will gain tools to use for a lifetime! I’m going to give you a profound method for dealing with people & events so that you can be more in charge of how you feel and reactno matter what is going on around you. Yes, this can make a big difference with loss-related issues, and it will also help you across your whole life…  simply one of the most valuable gifts I can offer anyone! 


Join open-hearted women this SPRING to experience…

  • Undeniable collective wisdom we bring to each other
  • Authentic connection with women who ‘get’ what you’re facing
  • Bold & practical new tools from the MindPeace MethodTM
  • Guidance from Elaine
  • Four Interactive Sessions in May
  • Recordings & Handouts within 24 hours of each session
  • Private Facebook Group for members only
  • PLUS a 45-minute Private Zoom Session with Elaine to target an issue

4 Wednesdays @ 12:30pm – 2:15pm Eastern

   Session 1:  May 9 
   Session 2:  May 16
   Session 3:  May 23
   Session 4:  May 30



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About Elaine Alpert, M.Ed
Shortly after Elaine lost her son Rand to suicide in 2004, she met Iris Bolton, author of My Son, My Son and a key leader in suicide prevention & aftercare for over 40 years. They became close friends and eventually co-presented at national conferences. Last year Iris invited Elaine to create an online Companion Course to her latest book, Voices of Healing and Hope. This online interactive course, Pathway to Peace of Mind, is available to anyone struggling with loss by suicide. The response has been remarkable and now more healing programs are coming to light!  
A nonprofit, MindPeace for Life, is being created to accept donations and provide programs for those in need of financial assistance. The mission is to support mothers and families who are facing significant life challenges with tool-based educational programs, to go beyond surviving to thriving by developing deep meaning, purpose, joy and gratitude for life once again.  
Elaine holds a graduate degree with specializations in Transformative Learning and Integrative Health. She wrote her thesis, ‘Fostering Resilience: Conscious Engagement with Life As It Is’ as academic groundwork for the MindPeace Method®a proprietary program for personal and community healing when life becomes especially challenging.  
She has been a certified Trainer for the More To Life Foundation for 20+ years, leading dynamic workshops and retreats internationally. Elaine is also a licensee of More To Life tools which form a core of the MindPeace Method®. In addition, the MindPeace Method® draws from the fields of experiential education, leadership development, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, mind/body medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, indigenous practices, spirituality, and a broad range of the arts. 
Elaine is committed to the deeper dive, to receiving what Life is teaching us through the difficult, exhilarating, painful, and beautiful moments of our lives. She provides bold insights within a safe learning environment of creativity, connection, acceptance, and encouragement. Participants gain a toolbox of practices to become more real, more loving … more at peace in their own skin.


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Here’s the Fine Print to know…

Refund Policy

Due to the personalized nature and small-group focus of MindPeace for Partners, we have a No Refund policy. .


Copyright and Trademark

All tools and teachings delivered in groups with Elaine Alpert are part of the MindPeace Method (TM) and are under copyright and/or trademark law. They are for personal use only and may not be duplicated or distributed. If you want to use course materials for other than personal use, please email Elaine for discussion: elaine@elainealpert.com



All participants must keep confidential all interactions and information shared within Elaine Alpert’s group experiences.

©2018 Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. All rights reserved