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Private Mentoring (In-person or by Zoom video conference)

Work with a seasoned guide for deep insight, unique tools, and a side of humor!  

Private Mentoring could be a fit for you if any of these apply:

  • It’s time to claim your Voice, to own your full power as a woman in the world.
  • A lot is working in your life, yet you yearn for more alignment, purpose, and meaning.  
  • You’ve done therapy or coaching and want an integrative 360 approach for mind, body & soul.
  • Major curveballs have been thrown your way, you’re really hurting, and you want strong support. 
  • As a seeker, you're already working on becoming more conscious and it's time for your next level.
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Online Programs - Workshops - Women's Retreats  

At some point in our journey, we begin to realize that grief is more prevalent in our world and in our personal lives than we could ever have imagined. From the loss of a dream to the loss of those we love, from an empty nest to an aging body, these losses affect us deeply. Our pain is real. But we don't often know what to do with the extra pain of regret, guilt, anger, fear and self-reproach when we think about what's happened, what we did or didn't do, and which shoe will drop next. We aren’t taught how to find solid ground amidst the choppy waves, much less a tsunami! Many of us wish we could get connected to the right kind of support but don't know where to look or who to trust.

If you want to have a conversation to see if The MindPeace Method may be that support for you - whether Privately, in my Online Programs, or at a Women's Retreat - let's talk. The MindPeace Community is full of smart, supportive women who are committed to consciously learning, healing and growing together. There is a way to feel more grounded and connected, more tuned into what life is teaching you, no matter what you are facing.

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Online Programs & Retreats for Mothers after Major Loss

Pathway to Peace of Mind, online in January/February 2020

The Bold Journey Back to Joy Retreat: September 20-22, Plum Island MA

Sourcing Your Spirit Retreat: October 16 - 21, 2020, Sedona, Arizona

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About Elaine Alpert, M.Ed

Elaine is committed to the deeper dive, to receiving what Life is teaching us through the difficult, exhilarating, painful, and most beautiful moments of our lives. She creates a safe, interactive learning environment filled with compassion and encouragement. In community with other women, participants gain a toolbox of bold insights and practices to become more real, more loving and more at peace in their own skin.  

As a dynamic group facilitator and speaker for over 25 years, Elaine works with private clients, leads online programs, workshops & retreats and works inside organizations to build deep resilience. She holds a graduate degree with specializations in Transformative Learning and Integrative Health. Elaine wrote her thesis, ‘Fostering Resilience: Conscious Engagement with Life As It Is’ as academic groundwork for The MindPeace Method®, a proprietary program for healing after loss, adversity and during times of great change. Her approach to healing is informed by her own losses and major life changes, the most significant being the heartbreaking loss of her 16-year-old son in 2004.  

Elaine has been a certified Trainer for the More To Life Program for over 20 years, leading experiential workshops and retreats internationally. She is also a licensee of More To Life tools which form a core of The MindPeace Method®. In addition, her healing method draws from the fields of leadership development, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, mind/body medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, indigenous healing, spirituality, and a broad range of the arts.  

Originally educated in Art and Design, Elaine opened a women’s wear manufacturing company in Manhattan in the late 1970’s, selling to major department stores and boutiques across the country. As an award-winning artist, she was also commissioned to create large-scale sculptures for public and corporate spaces. It was the sudden loss of her mother in 1983 that led Elaine to begin asking the deeper questions about life, and eventually to focus on the fundamental human need for healing and growth.  

She has been married to Tom, the love of her life, for 33 years and they have a son in college. Elaine is a confessed bookaholic, loves taking long walks and can hardly wait for the next travel adventure.  

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